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The Short Story

My Athletic Life

At age 16, I ran my first race, a 10k sponsored by the local insurance agency in my home town of Chadwicks, NY. Like many enthusiastic new runners, I went out way too optimistically. As I passed the first mile marker and the leaders disappeared over the next hill, I remember thinking "and this is supposed to be fun?" 

Thus began my life as an endurance athlete, which now spans a full 42 years of moving regularly through the world under my own power, training, and occasionally competing in various running, triathlon, cross country skiing, and cycling events. 


Some Competitive Highlights

By far the greatest rewards of my athletic lifestyle have come in the form of the daily ritual of moving outdoors, and what that habit has taught me about myself. These gifts do not appear in race results.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and training with many truly elite athletes, but have never been one myself. 

A sampling of my more humble accomplishments are listed below.

  • 2nd Overall Amateur, Wilkes-Barre International Triathlon & Hawaii Ironman World Championships Qualifier, 1995

  • 1st Overall, New England Long Course Triathlon Championships, 1997

  • 1st 45-49 Age group, X-Terra Trail Running National Championships & World Championships Qualifier, 2010

  • 2nd Overall American Birkebeiner 50k Open Skate (cross country skiing), 2023

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