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My Long Strange Trip

A Lot Can Happen in a Decade

In 1993, I earned my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Cornell University--an Ivy League institution with the oldest psychology department in North America, and headed off to my first faculty job.  Just ten years earlier, I had dropped out of high school due to financial hardships related to my mother's advancing Multiple Sclerosis. Along the way, I had earned a masters degree from Harvard, and developed a serious running habit. A lot can happen in a decade!

At the time I had no idea, but looking back now through the lens of my expertise in neuroscience and psychology, it is clear to me that my success in navigating some very formidable challenges was not only good luck. Through trial and plentiful error, I stumbled on a variety of techniques and strategies that have proven efficacy in creating habits, increasing motivation, and achieving goals.

After 30 successful years that included producing a significant amount of original research, training numerous young scientists from around the globe, and leading two brain imaging research centers and a PhD program, I elected to leave academia. At the pinnacle of my career, I closed my lab, resigned my position as an endowed Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, and set off on a new adventure. In this third chapter, I intend to harness my knowledge, expertise, and diverse life experiences to enact positive change in the world by making high quality brain and psychological science accessible to practitioners, and working directly with a select group of clients through coaching and consulting. 

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