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Neurocognitive Consulting

Evidence-based Solutions

Consulting clients have come to me seeking input on problems ranging from evaluating the evidence for nootropic supplements and brain stimulation techniques to preparation of white papers to the design of novel learning programs. If you are seeking innovative, evidence-based solutions to problems in the neuroscience and behavior space, please contact me for a free initial consultation.



Our organization has had the privilege of benefiting from the expertise and wisdom of Emeritus Professor Scott Frey. Initially joining as a part-time presenter, Professor Frey quickly became an integral part of our team, contributing as a presenter, content writer, and valuable asset in various projects.

    One notable accomplishment is his completion of a comprehensive White Paper, which exemplifies his continued commitment to research and his ability to provide valuable insights. His contributions have greatly enhanced the depth and quality of our courses.
    Professor Frey's teaching style has garnered immense admiration from our course students. His ability to engage and inspire learners has resonated deeply, and his impact on their educational journey is

    We eagerly look forward to continuing our fruitful association with Professor Frey. His vast experience and expertise are invaluable assets, and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a distinguished academic.

    We extend our heartfelt appreciation for his significant contributions and unwavering dedication to academia and our organization.

John Grant, CEO, Neuro Change Institute®

Scott began working for me as a freelance consultant and then moved into the role of fractional CSO. He helped us to identify and critically evaluate the scientific literature that is relevant to our pursuits in the brain stimulation space. Scott is a highly accomplished cognitive neuroscientist and has a deep understanding of neuroscience and behavior. He delivers high-quality work on schedule and is a great person to work with. We continue to stay in touch. I highly recommend Scott!

Alexander Poltorak, Ph.D., President and Founder, Neurolight Inc.

Professor Frey is a lighthouse in today's storm of oversaturation of information combined with rampant misinformation that becomes all too popular on the internet.  For a subject as important as brain health, he helped my company sift thru the overwhelming amount of (sometimes contradictory) studies to get to the core of the most relevant and powerful evidence as it relates to the importance of several key amino acids for cognitive function.  With such an extensive background in neuroscience he was also able to work surprisingly fast, and not only to refine, but to add to the large pool of (often confusing) research that we gathered for him to assess.  Would highly recommend for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of, or optimize the performance of the human brain....

Gabriel Nadler, Founder, Vegan Brain Food

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